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At Cabana Bar, we believe in treating our loyal patrons like royalty, and now, it’s time to elevate your Cabana experience with our brand-new loyalty club, CLUB CABANA!

Sip in Style: The adventure begins with a complimentary drink when you sign up as a new member!

Birthday Bliss: Celebrate your special day with a gift from us! It’s our way of saying, “Cheers to you”!

Margaritas Mondays: Exclusive access to our launch offer! Get ready to spice up your Mondays $15 Margaritas.

Wine Wednesdays: Win hump day with $6 house wines available every Wednesday from 12- 6pm, just for you.

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Tuesday 12:13 pm

Raining Tequila from 12pm

Cloudy with a chance of Coconut Margaritas

Downpour of daiquiris in the evening

100% chance of Piña Coladas

Westerly breeze bringing Berry Mojitos

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